Episode 1: Salvaging The Beachcombers

*This episode was created for COASTERS and was originally published on CANADALAND.

Ever heard of The Beachcombers? 

If not, you were probably born after 1990. If you have, then, well, you’re old. 

Kidding! Sort of.

The Beachcombers aired on CBC Television from 1972 to 1990, making it arguably Canada’s longest running scripted television series, ever. (Degrassi is the other contender.)

For some reason only the gods understand, CBC hasn’t run an episode since Dec. 12, 1990. In the inaugural episode of COASTERS, producer Sophie Woodrooffe looks at the show’s impact on a town that will forever be attached to The Beachcombers, whether it wants to be or not. 

David Croal holds a screen. Jackson Davies at left in screen. Sophie Woodrooffe Photo

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Episode 1: Salvaging The Beachcombers